Paintball info in english

We accept bookings via email, sms and phone but we need the following information before we can complete the booking.

we would rather you book through this page Booking page

Name of the person booking:
Address of the person booking:
Postal code and place for the person booking:
Telephone number of the person booking:
Which package you want:
What date you want to play:
What time do you want to start playing:
Number of players:

Since the course is in the woods, it is easiest to meet up at the people's park in Glimåkra a few minutes before the game and from there drive away to the course, about 1min drive.

Meeting place address: Gökottev, 289 46 Glimåkra. (Large car park below the people's park, where Gökottev and the hittarpsvägen meet)


Meeting place: Click on the map to enlarge.
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If you come by bus, tell us and we will meet you at the bus station. It takes about 5min to walk to the track from the bus station.